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Leonie Timmers:

Posted by: jkomuves on: May 13, 2011

On the 30th of April one is supposed to celebrate queens day in the Netherlands, however this year I was instead pleading in the Peace Palace in front of Judge Koroma and Judge Yusuf (ICJ) and Judge Bengt Broms (US-Iran claims tribunal). Why? Because my team (University of Leiden) reached the finals of the Telders International Law Moot Court. This year 18 universities prepared for the 'Case concerning the Umarghela River', which involved issues relating to the law of international watercourses, transboundary pollution and the extradition of terrorists pursuant a Security Council Resolution. My team, consisting of 4 students and 3 coaches, had been working very intensively on the case since October, first on the written memorials and afterwards on the oral pleadings. Our efforts paid off: we became runners-up, just after UCL against whom we pleaded in the finals. Our respondent memorial was granted a price for the best memorial, and for the applicants there was the 'best oral argumentation price'. I was especially overwhelmed when I was awarded  an individual price as well  for 'runner-up best oralist'. All in all, it was an overwhelming, challenging and rewarding experience. I hope that one day it will be my job to plead in front of ICJ judges but even if that dream does not come through I can say that I have done it once, and at the age of 22.